Meet Some of the Museum Interns

Read What Interns Say About Their Museum Experiences:

Ross Colburn:
“I thoroughly enjoyed every day at the museum. Informing visitors about various parts of the museum, especially the model railroad, made the museum internship position interesting and provided the opportunity for more stimulating conversation between myself and the visitors, who usually surpassed my knowledge of trains in general.”
Shana Aires:
“I thought that obtaining an internship while at UCSB would be very beneficial, and I was right. The museum has been a great experience for me. Not only have I been able to learn about how to run a museum, I have also been able to become a part of the Goleta community.”
Thaswan Tangsurat:
“I learned from this internship the process of starting a library as well as observed the process of running a museum. I ... learned to be detail-oriented and improved my organization skills... I also got to work with PastPerfect, a computer catalog program designed specifically for museum usage.”
Jameson Ray:
“Overall the experience working at the museum was wonderful. The people who visit there were easy to get along with and Gary, Phyllis and Thea were awesome in helping along with the internship and allowed me to feel like I belonged.”
Damarys Espinoza:
“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the South Coast Railroad Museum (...) I feel I benefitted and learned a great deal by working with the museum staff and especially by interacting with the many museum visitors.”
Alexis Hickman:
“Through this anthropology internship, I learned the many little details that are important for museum upkeep. I had no idea that there were such minute details of keeping the records and the books. My time at the museum taught me how to go through the complete addition of a collection.”
Roxeanne Kennedy:
“I based my internship around “learning what it is like/takes to run a small museum” so that is why I had so many different jobs. It was rad, though, I met so many different people in the community, became friends with families, and even got several nannying jobs from befriending all of the mothers/kids that regularly visited.”







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