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This resource page is intended to assist site visitors in answering their questions and learning more about trains and railroads, including railroad-Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopediarelated hobbies and preservation efforts.

It relies on the vast online resources of Wikipedia to provide quick access to detailed information on many railroad topics. Just use the links below to locate easily the information that you need.

There are many excellent learning and research resources on the Internet. Few are as comprehensive as “The Free Encyclopedia” – Wikipedia.

The first link below will take you to a broad, general treatment of the subject of trains and railroading. Or, use any of the remaining links for more specific routing of your search.

Railroad Terminology: General Reference (everything from ALCO to Zig-Zag)

Railroads, Railways, Rail Transport (moving passengers, freight, etc. by rail)

Rapid Transit (subways, elevated systems, urban, light rail)



Steam Locomotive Tender

Steam Locomotive Classification: The Whyte Notation/System

Diesel Locomotive

Rolling Stock

Passenger Cars

BoxcarTank Car Hopper FlatcarGondolaCaboose

Railroad Construction:

Track Gauge RailTie Spike Ballast Fishplate

Switch (frog, points, turnouts, etc.) Siding

Cuts and Fills Maintenance Of Way

Railroad Communications:

Telegraph - Telegram

Western Union Morse Code Teletype

Train Orders

Centralized Traffic Control

Direct Traffic Control

Track Warrant

SignalWigwagGrade Crossing

Railroad Workers:

On Trains:EngineerConductorFireman (Boilerman)Brakeman

On The Ground: DispatcherStation AgentTrainmaster

Railroad Buildings:

Train Station (depot) Roundhouse

Rail Companies (North America): Class IClass IIClass III

Southern Pacific Railroad Amtrak

Railroad Hobbies, Recreations & Diversions:

Model Railroading Toy Trains Garden Railways

Railroad MuseumsPhotography, Trainspotting, Railfans

Tourist Railroads (including Heritage Railways, Railroad Preservation)

Live Steam Collecting RailroadianaThomas The Tank Engine

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